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A complex of 6 Amusement Parks located in Zator:

  • Dinozatorland – the largest Park of Movable Dinosaurs in Poland
  • Mythology Park on water copying the figures of Greek gods, demigods, heroes and mythical creatures.
  • Insect Park – has 16 giant figures of insects presenting details of their anatomy.
  • Water Creature Park – full-scale models of water creatures can be seen in it
  • Fairy-tale Park – on enchanted paths one can meet characters from fairy-tales
  • Amusement Park – an amusement park where both children and adults can take advantage of lots of attractions, such as 5D Extreme Cinema, an auto-scooter, a shark merry-go-round, Merry Train, a huge slide, merry-go-rounds, and many others.

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A city created out of two cities – Bielsko and Biała, joined in 1951. One can see some interesting places there, such as the Castle of Sułkowski Princes, the oldest fragments of which go back to 14th century, the Market Square with historic tenement houses or a neo-renaissance building of the Town Hall.


Pszczyna can pride itself on great architecture, that is why it is called the Pearl of Upper Silesia but tourists are also attracted by gorgeous nature and unusual atmosphere. The place is regarded the green lungs of Silesia. Pszczyna Historic Park is a huge park surrounding a famous palace comprising the Castle Museum. It consists of the Castle Park, Dworcowy Park and Wild Promenade. In the Park one can come across a lot of great attractions, among others, Demonstrational Bison Centre, the Open-air Museum, monumental old tree stands, small architecture or ponds with lots of ducks.

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Park MiniaturInwałd

Consists of 5 amusement parks:

  • Miniature Park copying 60 architectural masterpieces composed into enchanting garden architecture
  • Dinolandia bringing tourists back to the Mesozoic era and showing the world of dinosaurs.
  • The Stronghold offering a great deal of attractions taking back to the Middle Ages times.
  • ?Kucyk Mini Zoo? presenting a variety of fauna and flora and a diversified area at the foot of the Little Beskids mountain range.
  • John Paul II garden taking us for a stroll along the paths of a unique, 3-hectare masterpiece presenting the figure of the Polish Pope.


An exceptional mountain, 761 metres above sea level, located by Żywiec Lake. At the foot of the mountain there is an airport and a glider school, as well as Trollandia Ropes Course. At the summit, which can be reached by funicular railway, there is a unique water reservoir of pumped-storage hydroelectricity power station. Boat slides and toboggan slides, restaurants, playgrounds and unforgettable panorama are only some of numerous attractions provided by the Żar Mountain. In winter it also offers a 300 metre ski lift and an artificially snowed ski slope.

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The biggest Amusement Park in Poland located in a beautiful and picturesque town of Zator. It is divided into three zones and has nearly 60 various attractions for all age groups.


It is a historic place known to every Pole. The Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp built during World War II attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. During a stay in Oświęcim, one should also see the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, the Castle and a beautiful, historic Old Town.